• Some Black people said they are wary of non-Black communities taking the lead on Juneteenth celebrations.
  • Angela Bannerman Ankoma, vice president and executive director of Equity Leadership of Rhode Island Foundation, a nonprofit organization, said Juneteenth is about serving the community, not big corporations trying to make a buck with a salad or ice cream.
  • The holiday has been a tradition for the Black community for decades, with families and organizations hosting yearly celebrations. Organizers of Juneteenth events said people new to the holiday, especially corporations, should turn to these organizations for guidance on how to honor Juneteenth.

On Friday, Juneteenth NY launched its 13th annual festivities, a celebrated tradition in New York City commemorating the nation’s newest federal holiday. The theme, “Unity in the Black family Unit,” is a nod to this year’s holiday landing on Father’s Day and includes performances, local vendors and a fashion exhibit highlighting emerging Black designers.


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