Moon Pod’s zero-gravity beanbags are even more comfortable than the ones from our teenage years — and they have a grown-up look that goes a little better with our interiors. Right now you can save big on every Moon Pod at the brand’s 25% off sitewide sale.

The company says that the bags help reduce stress, and our reviewer went so far as to say that they reminded her of flotation pods. You don’t need a code to save big either; just add your new calming Pod to your cart and then get ready to chill out.

Filled with high-density beads, the Moon Pod keeps its shape for years — it doesn’t squish out like the beanbags we grew up with. Plus, the original Moon Pod is more lightweight than normal beanbags, so you can easily plop it in different spots.

Super Moon Pod

Sized for two to cuddle up on, this Super Moon Pod is comprised of two Moon Pods sharing one cover, which comes in all-purpose black, navy or gray.

Outdoor Cover

Take your Moon Pod outdoors for afternoons spent lounging in the sun — and buying it in the dark of midwinter will give you something to look forward to for the warmer days ahead.

The Crescent

This arm and back extension for the Moon Pod gently embraces your back for a total support system while you float away on the rest of the cushion.

The Lunar Lift

Take your Moon Pod experience to the next level by taking your feet off the ground. Propped up by this pouf, they’ll get better circulation and make you feel even more relaxed.

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