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Laura Ingraham discussed Nancy Pelosi’s history in government and position as House speaker and how it’s time for her reign to end on “The Ingraham Angle.”

LAURA INGRAHAM: [Pelosi]’s been speaker since 2019 and before that, from 2007 to 2011. Democrats love her, though, because she’s a first: the first woman speaker of the House. No matter what her record, the press adulation — it never stops.

But the policy dismissal that she dismissed the rise of the Tea Party in 2010, and after all, they had rammed through Obamacare. Remember that on a party-line vote under her leadership, she didn’t care about the fallout. With just her dismal electoral track record alone, one would think that the Democrats would have elected A.B.N. as speaker: Anybody But Nancy, certainly after the 2010 midterms. 

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. (Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)

But no. Apparently, the party at this point is just filled with masochists and it chose to go through the same exercise all over again. Now Pelosi is best known for her brass knuckles–style politics, clinging to power by any means necessary, including the use of political threats. 


Well, remember, this is the same woman who called the Tea Party “astroturf” — totally out-of-touch. A National Review columnist put the Pelosi saga this way: Anyone who has led them to four consecutive defeats, bringing their House caucus to its lowest point in the last 90 years, and whose name has become a cudgel with which to beat every House candidate put forward by the Democrats ought to be astute enough to know when it’s time to go. But no, she’s in her fourth year as speaker, still leading like the old gangster-style party boss: no new ideas, nothing really great to show for herself or America, except stunts. 



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