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The media continues to refuse to critically analyze the physical and governing competence of President Biden, Jesse Watters said Monday on “The Five,” after the president fell off his bike while at a full stop in front of a small crowd over the weekend.

Biden had been riding on a paved trail in Cape Henlopen State Park, Del. when he decelerated to chat with a group of people. Upon coming to a stop, he fell from his bike and was helped up by those around him.

The president said his bike’s pedals were equipped with toe restraints and that his right foot got stuck in its clasp as he tried to dismount.

Watters said the American people should be embarrassed once again by their chief executive.


Biden falls off bike in Rehoboth.
(SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)

“I think everybody wants our president to look good in public. We don’t live in Greece. We have high expectations for presidential performance. We like our presidents to have good hair, a little quick wit, some swagger. So we want someone to look good on television,” he said.

Referencing the “swagger” from past presidents like President Clinton’s jogging shorts or saxophone playing, Presidents Bush, Obama and Trump’s athletic skills or President Kennedy’s “movie star” persona, Watters said Biden has none of that.

“He gets up from the fall and he says to the reporters, I’m fine — And the reporters print the story,” he said.

“Joe is fine? Joe is not fine. Nothing is fine. This guy’s had two aneurysms before he became president. He broke his foot last year.”


President Biden's bike tumble raises more questions about his health.

President Biden’s bike tumble raises more questions about his health.
(REUTERS/Elizabeth Frantz)

Watters said Biden has now had two major public tumbles, with the other being an incident from 2021 when he appeared to fall up the stairs multiple times while boarding Air Force One.

While Biden was vacationing in Rehoboth Beach, Watters pointed to Hunter Biden’s ongoing court case 100 miles northward in Wilmington, and the fact almost every aspect of American life is in crisis.


“A chaotic evacuation from Afghanistan, a president that has a mask on his face all the time. Kamala cackling; empty store shelves, the price of gasoline on every single corner in the country, just reminding us of how bad this guy is now,” he said.

Watters remarked that America’s neighbors are likely laughing at the United States, riffing that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is probably “snickering, if you point your ear north.”

“It’s almost as bad as Barack Obama bowing to the Saudi king. At least Barack didn’t fall on his face when he did it,” he said.


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